Hello! I'm Jennifer Kihneman Finn

Born and raised in Houston, Texas

In 2020 my husband and I decided to move closer to family and relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi.  We are excited about serving Biloxi and the MS Gulf Coast.

It took me a little longer to find my baking passion than some

After majoring in Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus in Japanese at the University of Texas in Austin and moving to Japan to teach English, I discovered a love for baking that couldn’t be satisfied by just making the odd birthday cake for friends.

The hard part was picking a name for my bakery!

Imagine a tiny girl, not even 5 feet tall, in pastry school standing in front of a massive convection oven that stood at a towering 6 feet. The timer is screaming; it’s time to take those pastries out. Everyone else is busy taking care of their own tasks. So this tiny pixie of a girl does the only thing she can: climb on top of whatever is close and stretch into that 400 degree oven–careful not to touch any of the metal–and pull those pans out. Pastries removed safely, alarm silenced, the class laughs with the tiny girl over the strange sight of such a small girl diving into the oven. That little pixie of a girl went straight into that oven to get the pastries out as soon as they were ready.   A bakery name was born in January 2015:  “Pixie in the Oven”